Rekindling relationship with self, earth and ancestors


Guided lineage repair for personal, family, cultural and planetary healing.



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Reconnexion aux ancêtres. Ancestral reconnection. Illustration by Lapive.

Individual sessions

Held in person in Aldinga SA, online via Zoom or over the phone

Reconnexion aux ancêtres. Ancestral reconnection. Illustration by Lapive.

Group Circles

Held in person in Aldinga SA or occasionally in Adelaide region

Reconnexion aux ancêtres. Ancestral reconnection. Illustration by Lapive.

Online Circles

Held online via Zoom for French and English speaking participants

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Why Ancestral Repair?

Our ancestors can be an untapped source of support, guidance, wisdom and love. I offer an intuitive and grounded process, for you to actively participate in the healing and transformation of your blood lines. 

Bringing your ancestors back to life and cultivating this relationship can support you to reconnect with your own roots. It brings a sense of belonging often blurred within a society which has alienated us from our traditional ways, our emotions and our natural environment.

“Roots are anchored in the land, and the land is our greatest teacher. We need to put our roots down deeply again into this ancient earth, and find our sense of the sacred there again. Because although the chain of our ancestral spiritual traditions has been broken, the land is still there as our teacher, and the Otherworld still penetrates it.”  ∼ Sharon Blackie


I want to acknowledge that my ancestors are the fruit of diverse groups who, willingly or unwillingly, crossed rivers and lands.

I also want to invite empathy and respect for those (human and non-human) enduring the ongoing harms of colonisation and occupation of their ancestral lands, and for those forced to flee due to human or climatic disruption. May they be supported and welcomed wherever they go.

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