Meet Hazel

Opening up to the world’s magic

A descendant of the Gauls, Belgae, Danes, Franks, Saxons and Scythians, I’m originally from northern France, where I’ve traced back the presence of my ancestors for over half a century.

It was in the forests of my native land that I (re)awakened my senses to the soul of the place, relearning to imbibe its wisdom and marvel at the beauty and mystery of Life. Later, it was in the silence of the Australian desert that I heard the voice of my ancestors. Having become an Australian citizen after nine years on the continent, I feel just as held by these lands and the many cultures I’ve met there. These lands have literally enchanted me and become part of my identity.

Now back in France and settled on the edge of the Morvan Park, I’m exploring my connection with my roots and the land, in search of the remnants of my distant animist heritage.

Held by my ancestors

Over the years of dedicated lineage healing (an ongoing process), I was able to strengthen my connection to my roots, increase my sense of belonging to the world, broaden my perspectives, uncover my rightful place and bring more meaning to my existence. On a daily basis, I feel and benefit from the benevolent presence and unconditional support of my  ancestors. Their wisdom enables me to create unique spaces of transformation adapted to each individual and group I support. Together with our ancestors, we navigate towards a deeper understanding of our existence, lasting healing and personal growth, in a systemic context (family, collective and planetary).

Inspiration & Experience

I draw my inspiration mainly from Jungian and transpersonal psychology, ecopsychology and the animistic values of our distant ancestors, with whom I nurture a close relationship. As the modern world has pushed the limits of our evolution, I’m convinced that the wisdoms of our ancestors hold the keys to humanity’s future on Earth.

I am trained in Ancestral Lineage Healing by Daniel Foor, PhD, founder of the Ancestral Medicine organization. I’m part of the practitioner network and draw on his structured approach to connecting you with your ancestors. Other inspiring mentors include mythologist and storyteller Josh Schrei (The Emerald podcast).

I’m also trained in ecopsychology, psychogenealogy, and have a particular interest in The Work That Connects, astrology and psychosomatic practices such as IFS, Hakomi, Ortho-Bionomy, Smavahan, etc.

Rekindling the wisdom of the living world and ancestors within me has brought balance to my identity, my existence on Earth and my place within it.