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they are waiting at the threshold of the worlds to guide you
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We all have access to the UNSEEN

By moving away from its roots, the West has forgotten its relationship with the invisible dimension of the world and the incredible source of support it contains. Human beings have the innate ability to (re)connect to it through their senses. Together, we’ll hone your intuitive skills, learn to safely navigate the invisible and establish contact with your own ancestors.

Guides, companions and protectors

The idea of meeting one’s ancestors face-to-face may seem far-fetched. Yet the practice was common among our distant ancestors and still is in many traditional cultures around the world. This link, sometimes broken over hundreds of generations, has an influence on our lives.

Our ancestors are physically embedded in the Earth and are an unsuspected source of support and healing. Through a structured and psychologically grounded approach, you will be guided to meet your own ancestors, to understand the destiny of your lineages, rediscover the wisdom of your roots and embody the gifts you have inherited.

What to expect

After assessing your lineage using your own intuitive faculties, you will be guided to meet an ancestral guide who will support you in embodying the wisdom you have inherited and facilitate the healing of the lineage. It usually takes five sessions to complete a lineage release using Dr. Daniel Foor’s approach (Ancestral Medicine). We work on one lineage at a time.

The process is not limited to sessions, and you will be encouraged to deepen your relationship with your ancestors on a daily basis through symbolic acts, rituals and other creative approaches inspired directly by your ancestors. The idea is to cultivate your autonomy.


Begin your journey back in time

Initial session (1h30) – 70€

Let’s meet and take stock of your lineage (using your intuitive faculties). This step is essential to determine where, in your roots, you will find support. Consultations by video or phone.

Follow-up session (1h) – 60€

Once a lineage selected, you will meet your ancestors and deepen your relationship with a guide in order to understand your lineage’s destiny and support its healing. Consultations by video or phone.

Lineage package (5h30) – 250€

For those who wish to commit to the complete healing of a lineage. This offer includes the initial session (1h30) and four follow-up sessions (1h). To be used within a year. Consultations by video or phone.

Heal your bloodlines

With death considered taboo in the West, many of our ancestors fell without the recognition, forgiveness and respect necessary for a peaceful transition to their new form of existence. Some remain stuck, influencing our lives and sometimes seeking to make contact with us.

Together, we’ll take the time to understand the fate of your ancestors, and ensure that souls seeking repair find peace. Dead or alive, no one is forgotten in the lineage, from the oldest to the soon-to-be born. By helping to right the wrongs of the past, you pave the way for the ancestors of tomorrow.

Growing a relationship with your ancestors can help you:

  • Identify family transmissions (health, behaviors, patterns, etc.)
  • Understand and transform the burdens carried by your lineages
  • Develop a deeper understanding of collective wounds
  • Reaffirm your boundaries and know how to assert them
  • Strengthen your personal identity and sense of belonging
  • Boost self-confidence and sharpen intellectual skills (by understanding your history)
  • Encourage introspection
  • Refine intuition and discernment
  • Encourage inclusiveness through open-mindedness, acceptance and compassion
  • Clarify your dreams, goals, aspirations and life path
  • Discover the many ways to embody the gifts and blessings of your lineages
  • Grow through grief, loss, sorrow and forgiveness
  • Rethink death: your own and that of your loved ones
  • Rekindle a healthy relationship with the living world
  • Deepen your relationship with the sacred by drawing inspiration from your own ancestral roots
  • Learn basic ritual skills to cleanse your energetic space

A collective dimension

Beyond our personal wounds, the remnants of past tragedies affect us all systemically. As we are interconnected (with the whole of Life), we influence each other, and no lasting healing is possible in isolation, without taking into account our distant past and our planetary context.

Some wounds require collective reparative action, and with each step we take towards understanding what unites us and assuming full responsibility for our emotions and actions on Earth, our personal healing takes on a collective dimension. This approach to lineage healing, rooted in an animistic vision, offers this potential.

«When we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors from wounds that run deep in our family. When we heal our ancestors, we heal the world from wounds that run deep in humanity» ~ Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann