Terms and Credits



Deep Roots is owned and operated by Hazel Marie Volk (legal name in Australia). These are the terms and conditions for www.terredesancetres.fr


The modalities I offer are universal and therefore applicable for people coming from any cultural and ethnic background.

I welcome everyone (18+) with respect to religion, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability/disability and socio-economic background and work from an awareness of the ongoing need for social justice.

In my practice I seek to educate and empower rather than foster dependency.

Code of ethics

I adhere to the Ancestral Medicine Code of Ethics and I aim to keep my services accessible to everyone.

Confidentiality and safety

I am dedicated to creating safe space for you to deeply connect with your ancestors. All sessions, whether they occur online or in person will be held in confidence  where your privacy will be respected and protected.

You remain conscious and in control of the process and can withdraw  and discontinue participating in these offerings at any time.

I, the practitioner, may terminate our professional relationship for any reason, and in the event of termination will provide referrals for my continued care.

Appointment policy

I am aware that life has lots of surprises and last minutes inconveniences and I  remain as flexible as possible to you, my client.

No refunds will be made for no-shows or late cancellations and appointment duration will not be extended for late starts.

Please contact me by e-mail if you are late or if you are experiencing technical difficulties.


This work is deeply transformative but not a therapy or medical treatment.

You are fully responsible for your well-being during the session, which includes disclosing any concerns and/or questions you may have before, during, or following a session.

You are responsible for acquiring the support, aftercare, or integration work needed to process this work, as recommended by me or according to your own self-assessment and judgment.

If you know you are experiencing untreated acute trauma, PTSD, depression or suicidal thoughts, I highly encourage you to speak to a mental health professional before engaging in this work, as this work can awaken intense emotions.

You will not hold me legally responsible for any physical, emotional, mental, circumstantial, or energetic effects that may occur in connection with your  participation in sessions.

Secure online payment

Payments are handled securely (https) though Stripe. Payment will be debited from your credit card immediately on you placing the order for the service you have booked and re-credited on the same card should you cancel your booking.

Upon processing a transaction, an electronic transaction receipt will issued to the email address you provide.

Personal data collection

Personal data collected in the new client form is collected to gain time in the first session and to make sure I have your contact details in case of technical issues at the time of the appointment. I will not sell or otherwise share your personal data.


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