Relating with the living world

reawakening the wisdom of the Earth within us
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Unearthing the wisdom of your roots

Our distant ancestors nurtured an intimate, unbroken relationship with all of life. They knew they were an integral part of the natural world, with the responsibilities that implies. Reconnecting with our roots also means reconnecting with the wisdom of our more-than-human ancestors, the wisdom of places and of the Earth itself.

Through this animistic vision, I support you individually and in group settings to explore these relationships, in the hope of re-membering, together, our true human essence and our place in the web of Life.

Explore with your senses

Initial session (1h30) – 70€

Let’s meet to take stock of the relationships and affinities you already have with the natural world. We’ll determine where, in your roots, you can draw further wisdom. Sessions by visio or phone

Follow-up session (1h) – 60€

Tap into the wisdom of your human and more than human lineages to find out how to deepen your relationship with the living world. You’ll meet your ancestors (human and beyond). Sessions by visio or phone

Workshops (online or in person)

Let’s explore our connection to Life as a group and inspire one another. Held online or in person, these workshops aim to rekindle the wisdom of the Earth within us, while cultivating our human connections. See upcoming events.

what to expect

I offer a support tailored to your worldview and practices. Together, we assess your needs and find a way to deepen your relationship with your senses and the natural world. This work is not limited to sessions, and you’ll be invited to explore creatively, at your own pace, according to what inspires you and what the earth speaks to you. This may involve rituals, land immersions, drawing, writing, poetry, movement, singing, music and more.

Falling in love with the world again

The relationship with the living world, which traditional cultures around the world strive to preserve despite the impact of colonisation, resonates within us like a melancholic echo of the voices and practices of our distant ancestors. Many of us turn to indigenous wisdoms, including our own, in search of those lost connections we all need.

Reclaiming an animist vision of the world, and the relational values that flow from it, is essential to a radical change in human behavior in the face of the societal and ecological disaster we are experiencing. Values that lie dormant in each of us, in the wisdom of our distant past, rather than in any technological innovation.

It is only by reconnecting with the natural world, with the magic, love and empathy that flow from it, that we will naturally (re)adopt caring, respectful and life sustaining attitudes. The animist vision is in itself the key to finding balance on Earth.

«Our roots are anchored in the land, and the land is our greatest teacher. We need to put our roots down deeply again into this ancient earth, and find our sense of the sacred once more.» ∼ Kate Croft