Death Café

A free monthly online gathering

In a society which does not leave much room for grief and death, it is sometimes difficult to find a space to express and process what we feel. At the Death Café, we meet, often with strangers, to discuss grief and death together. 

The purpose of a Death Café is to provide a safe space for everyone, to share but also to listen to the stories and experiences of others in order to be seen, heard and feel supported in our grieving and reflection process. This is held as an open discussion, with no agenda, goals or themes. It is a discussion and sharing circle rather than a therapeutic or counselling session.

Our Death Cafés are always offered :

  • On a not-for-profit basis (free)
  • In a safe, respectful, inclusive (all religion, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation welcome) and a confidential space
  • With no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product or course of action

Join the next Death Café

  • In English – every last Tuesday of the month
    Tuesday 7-8:30pm (AEDT – Sydney Time)
    Held by Kate-Marie & Hazel
  • In French – every last Sunday of the month
    Sunday 7-8:30pm (CET – Paris time)
    Held by Hazel

Please be on time as the room will close 10 minutes after commencing.
Join us with something to drink or eat by clicking here:

“Le chagrin exprimé à haute voix, de façon habituelle ou non, non chorégraphiée et sans artifice, pour un être cher que nous avons perdu, pour un pays ou un lieu que nous avons quitté, est en soi le plus grand éloge que nous puissions leur faire. Le chagrin est un éloge, car il est la voie naturelle par laquelle l’amour rend hommage à ce qui lui manque.” ~ Martin Prechtel


I want to acknowledge that my ancestors are the fruit of diverse groups who, willingly or unwillingly, crossed rivers and lands.

I also want to invite empathy and respect for those (human and non-human) enduring the ongoing harms of colonisation and occupation of their ancestral lands, and for those forced to flee due to human or climatic disruption. May they be supported and welcomed wherever they go.

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