Ancestral Wisdom

Rekindle your connection with the living world

Beyond any culture on Earth lies the universal roots of a deeply intimate, reciprocal, and embodied relationship with the living world. These animistic roots hold essential values for relearning how to live better in our time, with respect and responsibility.

Despite modern lifestyles that often distract us from ancestral traditions and diminish our sense of belonging to the natural world, humanity remains inherently connected and part of the Earth. In my first book, I weave connections across time and space, offering practices and reflections that encourage sensory (re)awakening in the hope of inspiring and reigniting ancient wisdom within us all. This book is an invitation to reconnect with our true human essence, bridging transpersonal psychology and ancient wisdom.

Currently available only in French.

More than 50 reflections and practices to explore alone or with others.

“Although our modern lifestyles distract us from ancestral traditions and hinder any sense of belonging to the natural world, humanity is part of the Earth and has the innate ability to connect with it.”

Join me on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.

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Online group discussion (in French)

Join me in 2024 to explore excerpts from the book and discover together ways to connect with the wisdom of our ancestors. These free monthly gatherings are designed to foster connections and stimulate conversations. Currently held in French only, until the book is published in English.

First gathering: January 3, 2024, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

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The illustrator

Eufricinia is a visual alchemist who skillfully captures the essence of the book. Inspired by journeys through the natural world and flea markets, she creates botanical artworks that evoke a profound connection to nature. Committed to environmental consciousness, she incorporates recycling into all her creations.

Eufricinia offers personalized artworks that reflect her distinctive artistic style and sensitivity. She embodies creativity, environmental stewardship, and pure inspiration, enriching our world with beauty and meaning.

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Instagram: @eufriciniacuriosities
Etsy: @EufriciniaCreations