Ancestral Lineage Healing
2-day workshop, 13-14 April 2024, Moutiers en Puisaye (89).

Bringing awareness to our connection with our ancestors  to integrating and embodying the strengths and wisdom of our lineages.

Beyond our individual wounds, the scars of past tragedies affect us on a systemic level. Recognizing our interconnectedness as humans and with all of Life, this workshop aims to break the isolation and individualism that hinder lasting healing.

This approach to lineage healing offers transformative potential by incorporating our distant past and our planetary context. Thus, becoming aware of our connection with our ancestors becomes the key to integrating and embodying the strengths of our lineages, thereby contributing to personal, familial, and collective transformation.

Our distant ancestors have the power to enrich our lives and deepen our connection to others and to Life within and around us. They await us at the threshold of worlds, ready to guide us.

Join us for a ritualized weekend to discover the connections that already exist deep within you and with your ancestors. Founded on the work of Dr. Daniel Foor*, this psychologically grounded approach will provide an opportunity to:

𖦹 Understand the destiny of your lineages
𖦹 Discover who your distant ancestors were
𖦹 Reclaim their strengths and wisdom
𖦹 Transform ancestral wounds into a source of resilience 𖦹 Help troubled souls find peace
𖦹 Support family healing
𖦹 Understand or reclaim your rightful place in the world 𖦹 Cultivate forgiveness and gratitude
𖦹 Strengthen your connection to Life


    *For more information on the subject, see the book by Dr. Daniel Foor, my mentor: « Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. »


    • Limited to 7 people.

    • When: 13-14 April 2024.

    • Location: In a yurt, in Moutiers en Puisaye (89).

    • Non-residential.

    Prerequisites: Ideally, have some prior experience with visualization, guided meditation, shamanic journeying, hypnosis, etc.

    Fees: Desired contribution of 180€ for two days from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

    30€ to be paid upon registration (non-refundable in case of cancellation after April 6th), and 150€ on-site.

    • If you are experiencing financial difficulties, feel free to contact me.

    This workshop will be facilitated by Hazel Marie Volk, author of « The Wisdom of Ancestors, » and a certified practitioner in the lineage repair approach of the Ancestral Medicine network. She invites us to explore the roots of our evolution and human existence, at the heart of Life, through an animistic, psychologically grounded perspective.