The Approach

Our ancestors can be an untapped source of support, guidance, wisdom and love. In this intuitive and grounded process, you will actively participate in the healing and transformation of your blood lines.


A 5-Step Guided Process

Through the five step guided process developed by Dr Daniel Foor, we will focus on one lineage at a time.

First, I will support you access your subconscious to connect with an ancestral guide to seek understanding on the inherited blessings and burdens that shape our personality and family dynamics. This will also give you a sense of what happened to your lineage through time.

Second, with the support of your guide, we will bring healing to the lineage, to the living and to the dead whose consciousness continues to live through and among us. The living and the dead can strongly affect one another.

The process is often completed in 4 TO 5 individual sessions but can take more depending on what is emerging.

Process held through:

  • Individual in person sessions in Aldinga, SA
  • Individual distance sessions via Zoom/Phone
  • Regular weekly Ancestors Circles series in Aldinga, SA
  • Occasional online Ancestors Circles series

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Work with past, heal the present, change the future

Some benefits of this practice include:

  • Highlighting and shifting intergenerational trauma and dysfunctional family patterns (health, behaviours, etc.)
  • Growing through grief, loss and forgiveness.
  • Developing a stronger sense of personal boundaries
  • Bringing a greater sense of personal identity
  • Growing a greater sense of belonging
  • Boosting self-confidence and intellectual capacities (by understanding your family history)
  • Encouraging introspection
  • Sharpening intuition and discernment
  • Developing better understandings of wider collective wounds
  • Clarifying your life purpose and path
  • Beginning to embody the gifts and wisdom of each lineage in ways that both honours them and supports you
  • Developing a direct relationship with your ancestors
  • Befriending death, for you and your loved ones
  • Developing a greater understanding of how the dead can affect the living (ghosts, curses, illnesses, depression)
  • Reclaiming meaningful relationships with the earth and all beings
  • Learning ritual skills to clear your space
  • Deepening your connection to the sacred that comes from your own ancestral roots
“We live in a culture that rejects its young people and forgets its old people, There is no initiations and rites of passage anymore. There is no bridge between generations. If we are the link between our children and ancestors, we have a mission, we have a purpose.” ~ Ellen Kushner 

Personal vs Collective suffering

We often think that trauma is something bad that happened to us on a personal level. But we are all, in many ways, affected by an ongoing legacy of collective suffering rooted in a patriarchal and capitalist society. The constant pressure, rules and expectations placed of us create ongoing emotional wounding.

Some collective wounding symptoms are:

  • Addictions (to work, shopping, materialism, sports, games, screens, drugs, medications, alcohol) often unconsciously used to numb deep feelings.
  • Low Self-Esteem (comparing oneself, being seen by others, setting unreachable goals, unrealistic obsession over body standards and diet, sexism, discrimination, oppression, abuse).
  • Anxiety and overwhelm (working too much to pay the loans, keeping a job we don’t like, not being in alignment with what we love, climate change).
  • Fear (of change, of failure, of uncertainty, of death).
  • Depression, sadness, despair (not fitting-in, lack of personal identity, sense of belonging, pain for the earth).
  • Hopelessness, helplessness and loneliness (unsure of purpose in life, lack of self-trust).
  • Illness and chronic pain (sometimes due to unexpressed feelings and emotions, unprocessed grief and trauma).
  • Emotional numbness (withdrawal, denial).

Remember that these are symptoms. They do not define who we truly are. With the right tools and support we can gain a new perspective and a deeper relationship with these parts of ourselves, which potentially allows us to grow inner wisdom. In supporting this shift within ourselves we also support the collective for a better and more human centred society. 

If you don’t know where you come from, how do you know where you are going?

Why Ancestral Healing?

We all come from earth-honoring people whose lives were filled with rituals, ceremonies and ancestral traditions that have sustained human connection and vibrancy across millennia.

Widespread in Africa, Asia, certain European countries and traditional cultures around the world, ancestors veneration was practiced long before the expansion of religions, as part of a desire for global harmony between the dead and the living, humans and other forms of life (animals, plants, minerals, etc.), as well as between the world of the visible and that of the invisible.

For many in the West, however, the supportive connection to our ancestors has been severed through our long history of colonisations, migrations, religions, industrialisation and wars which has also secluded us from the natural world.

Part of the work I do is to restore the threads of connection in order to bring back a sense of belonging, respect and reciprocity to each other, including the more-than-human world. Indigenous nature wisdom and animistic worldview are not ancient but still existing and represent 98% of our DNA.

Ancestors can be an untapped source of support, guidance, wisdom and love. Bringing your ancestors back to life and cultivating this relationship can support you to reconnect with your own roots and bring a sense of belonging often blurred within a society which has alienated us from our traditional ways of life, our emotions and our natural environment.



I want to acknowledge that my ancestors are the fruit of diverse groups who, willingly or unwillingly, crossed rivers and lands.

I also want to invite empathy and respect for those (human and non-human) enduring the ongoing harms of colonisation and occupation of their ancestral lands, and for those forced to flee due to human or climatic disruption. May they be supported and welcomed wherever they go.

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