I am Hazel, I was born and raised in Northern France and I recently moved back to my ancestral land after nine years living and working in Australia.

My recent ancestors lived in France, Belgium, Germany, England, Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands. They are descendant of the Gauls, Belgae, Danes, Franks, Saxons and Scythians.

I am an Ancestral Healing Practitioner trained by Dr. Daniel Foor, the founder of this practice and have extensive experience in nature-based soul and body explorations through practices and rituals.

I hold space for people to explore the depth of their soul, to connect to their ancestors and rekindle their relationship with the more-than-humans. The so called natural world, which we are part of.

I am passionate about our evolution as humans and about restoring our connection to the Earth and to all forms of life. I love seeking deeper truths of our existence and finding common threads within all belief systems and traditions.

I believe the ancient knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors is not lost, nor forgotten but asleep within us all and available to anyone who is willing to listen.

“The time has come to start harvesting the good seeds that the Ancestors had planted in us.” ~ Gregory Smith

My own journey

Born in a world and a family unit that I didn’t fit, I experienced for the first time what inner peace could feel like in my twenties, while exploring the depth of the forests as a wildlife photographer. Befriending the other-than-human world brought me a sense of safety, excitement, presence and connection that I didn’t experience before.

At the age of 27, cracked open, I faced my own slow inner death. I felt an overwhelming need for change, peace, solitude, adventure and for a richer existence away from a capitalist, limiting, conservative and self-destructive society.

Leaving home

While the roots of my ancestors were in the land of my birthplace, beneath my feet, I felt the seed of their fruit was in great need of a new fertile ground, a place to start afresh and grow stronger.

I left my rainy homeland for the blue sky of the Central Australian desert, where my journey ended up being an eight year pilgrimage to self and a significant rebirth, with time to think, face, reflect and ease the stigmas of a traumatic childhood.

Shedding old skin

Solitude became my best friend and the land my best ally. Then I found for the first time “my tribe”; a community of like-minded people where we support each other and where everyone is a teacher. 

It is in the desert that I started perceiving the unseen in a more tangible way. I did not belong to this country and yet, the spirits of the land were generously supporting me and my quest to self discovery.


Witnessing the traditional custodians of the place (the Aboriginal people) and their dreamtime stories, art, songs, dance and ceremonies awakened my curiosity about my own people and culture. This ignited my quest to learn “Who were my own indigenous people back in Europe? What kind of legacy was left from them? How were they relating to the land? What was their way to honor their own ancestors?  What if they were waiting for me to continue what they started?”


This mix of questions arising and a series of “unsolicited” visions sent me back to the archives of France to expand a family tree started ten years earlier. After intense research and hundreds of papers read about my people, I felt something was missing. A connection to them and to my own roots. Something tangible, deep and intimate. The approach developed by Dr Daniel Foor allowed me to access these missing parts.

Me and my ancestors

Since I entered my ancestral healing journey in 2018, I discovered who my ancestors were and where they came from in the world. I met them (via intuitive perception) and understood what major changes they went through, what lands they had to leave, what customs and traditions they used to hold sacred and how the loss of these impacted on the future generations. This encouraged me to do some research on what I was perceiving and curiously, whatever the ancestors had shown me often matched the history our specie have been able to retrace.

Working with my ancestors didn’t only give me a great sense of curiosity about my own life but also opened my eyes on the global injustices we keep perpetuating as a result of our evolution as a specie. Injustices and disequilibrium leading every day to the destruction of our planet, the discrimination against our human and more-than-human kin and to the rise of mental and physical illnesses that could well be associated to our disconnection to Nature, to each other and to our sense of belonging.

By knowing who my ancestors are and what their relationship to the earth was, I know who I am in a deeper way, I know where I stand, where I belong and I know that whatever step I take, it will be to continue their legacy and protect all forms of lives, for the future generations.

Inspirations and explorations

I draw my inspiration mostly from Jungian psychology, earth-based practices and the wisdom shared by the many Indigenous tribes and people who preserved their earth-based practices through time. They are playing a crucial role in reminding us the way our ancestors lived.

Some of my trainings, teachers and mentors:

  • Ecopsychology Certificate – The Retreat / Pacifica Graduate Institute, U.S
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner certification – Dr. Daniel Foor / Ancestral Medicine, U.S
  • Foundations of Psychopomp – Shannon Willis / Red Earth Healing, U.S
  • Psychogenealogy Certificate – Gérard Fossat / LiensPsy

Other explorations and fields of interest : The Work that Reconnects – Astrology – Vipassana – Ortho-Bionomy – Samvahan, etc.

“Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.” ~ Linda Hogan


I want to acknowledge that my ancestors are the fruit of diverse groups who, willingly or unwillingly, crossed rivers and lands.

I also want to invite empathy and respect for those (human and non-human) enduring the ongoing harms of colonisation and occupation of their ancestral lands, and for those forced to flee due to human or climatic disruption. May they be supported and welcomed wherever they go.

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