Group rituals & Circles

Weekly Ancestors Circles

These series are a safe and grounded space in which participants embark together on their own ancestral healing process (through intuitive perception). The five gathering will allow you to be witnessed by those who are on the same path;

Sharing your experience and listening to others’ in a deep and authentic way is a powerful process, offering a level of insights, depth and reflection that individual sessions don’t always bring.

In Person Circles

  • Where: In Aldinga, SA
  • Price: $175 (+ first necessary individual session on donation – only if you are new to this modality)
  • Duration 2.5h weekly gathering for 5 weeks.
  • Group: Limited to 8 people
  • Next Circle: 20 August – 17 September 2021

Online Circles

  • Where: Online, via Zoom
  • Price: $250 (this include a first 1.5h necessary individual session, ongoing email/text support and 1h mentoring)
  • Duration 2.5h weekly gathering for 5 weeks.
  • Group: Limited to 7 people
  • Next Circle: TBC
Nothing is lost but is asleep within all of us. Some of our ancestors prepared the terrain to one day welcome the living in need of guidance. Some ancestors are here, dwelling on the Earth and waiting for us to make contact.


I want to acknowledge that my ancestors are the fruit of diverse groups who, willingly or unwillingly, crossed rivers and lands.

I also want to invite empathy and respect for those (human and non-human) enduring the ongoing harms of colonisation and occupation of their ancestral lands, and for those forced to flee due to human or climatic disruption. May they be supported and welcomed wherever they go.

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