Ancestral Lineage Healing (in English)
A two-day in-person workshop on October 21 and 22, 2023 in Herzele (Belgium).

Become aware of your connection with your ancestors, to integrate and embody the strengths and wisdom of your lineage.

From a Western perspective, it may seem a far-fetched idea to meet one’s ancestors face-to-face. Yet this practice was common among our distant ancestors and still is in many traditional cultures around the world. Our ancestors are waiting on the threshold of the worlds for a contact from us to sustain our lives and deepen our ties with the living world.

Join us for a weekend to explore the connection that already exists deep within you and with your ancestors.

During this workshop (NON RESIDENTIAL), reserved for a small group, we’ll work together on healing one of your lineages while forging relationships with benevolent ancestors who are willing to support you.

Grounded on Dr Daniel Foor’s approach* and in an animist vision, this approach will enable you to take stock of your four direct lineages, and to (re)discover and feel the presence and support of your own ancestors, within yourself and in your life.


During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:
𖦹 discover who were your ancestors
𖦹 reclaim the strengths and gifts of your lineage
𖦹 transform ancestral burdens into a source of resilience
𖦹 help troubled souls find peace
𖦹 support the healing of living family members
𖦹 cultivate forgiveness and gratitude
𖦹 strengthen your connection to the living world

More details

  • Limited to 12 participants
  • When: 21-22 October 2023, indoors & outdoors, depending on the weather
  • This is not a residential retreat. There is no overnight stay on Saturday nights.
  • Where: Welenhoeck Community Garden, Herzele, Belgium
  • Participation : 180€ for the weekend from 9am to 5pm. 40€ to be paid upon registration (non-refundable if you withdraw after 15 October) and 140€ on site (preferably cash). If you experience financial difficulties, please feel free to contact me directly.
  • Everyone is invited to bring their own lunch or a dish to share. I’ll contact you at a later date. There is also the possibility of an organic vegetarian meal for 10€ or a fresh homemade soup with bread for 4€. Please let me know by October 8 so that I can place an order with the community garden.



    * For more infi on this topic, see Dr. Daniel Foor’s book : Ancestral Medicine – Rituals for Personal and Family Healing​.